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Law & Society Minor:
Schedule and Requirements

Course Schedule

Courses, Requirements, and 2022-2023 Schedule (PDF)

*Additionally, we will be allowing elective credit for POLI 104U Introduction to Business Law (WI22), CGS 118 Gender & Incarceration (SP23), SOCI 140A: Defund Police and Prisons (FA22), and SOCI 159T: Law - View from the Bench (FA22 and SP23). No petition required.

Please note that these courses are tentative and subject to change. The above pdf is a rough aggregate of a year-long projection made in summer before the start of the academic year. Most departments do not release their summer offerings until Winter or Spring quarter. It is best to check directly with the department for summer session course listings. Course listings and descriptions sometimes change. Please check the UCSD Catalog for a current list of course descriptions. 

There may be discrepancies between this posted course list and what is listed in the UCSD catalog. The courses listed in this schedule on this website is always considered the most recent official version of accepted courses.

For the 2022-23 academic year, LAWS 101 will only be offered Summer Session 2 .


Minor Requirements

  • The Law and Society minor requires of a minimum of seven courses, of which at least five must be upper division
  • All students must complete courses in at least two different departments.
  • No more than two courses (eight units) may be taken with a pass/no pass grading option.
  • No more than two upper division courses (eight units) may overlap with the major.
  • It is required you take one of the following courses: HILD 50 - PHIL 50 - POLI 40 - SOCI 50. An additional course from this list may be used as an elective.

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